Thursday, January 8, 2009

Zhang Ziyi Nude Photo

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Zhang Ziyi Beach Nude Photo

2009 Zhang Ziyi Sexy Photos Gate! Beach breast-revealing meets shameless secret photographing!

Presently, Zhang Ziyi and foreigner boyfriend Vivi Nevo went to the seaside for a vacation, during which they closely interacted, and were secretly photographed by bold foreign journalists. Afterward, the pictures have been wildly spread on the internet, many of them exposing the two people being amorous beach pictures.

It is reported, amongst the group of 80 plus pictures, Zhang Ziyi wears a red diamond studded bikini with boyfriend Vivi Nevo at a small French island– St. Bart beach resort [?]. During this time, Zhang Ziyi nonchalantly did yoga at the seaside, and once tired, returned to the beach to rest, while her boyfriend was continuously kept her company on her right.

Zhang Ziyi whole-heartedly engrossed in enjoying the seaside leisure holiday, finally took off her swimsuit bottom nonchalantly to tan. Not only did her boyfriend not stop her, he actually helped his girlfriend suntain lotion, even taking advantage of the opportunity to tease her a bit, grabbing Zhang Ziyi’s buttocks and repeatedly kissing it, and frequently giving other faraway strangers winks. Afterwards, Vivi Nevo lay his entire body on top of Zhang Ziyi, whispering with Zhang